Installation of Cygwin and Virt-Manager

1. Go to  and check the Downloads section for your platform...  (if you're on a modern PC, you can download the setup-x86_64.exe file.

2. Launch whichever file you downloaded and follow along the installation in structions until it asks you for which packages to select.

The ones listed below are the ones I have chosen to install.

3.  Install the files (it should automatically install any dependencies and such necessary as it goes.

4. After the installation finishes, launch the 'XWin Server' icon.  You can search for it, or find it under the Cygwin/X folder in your start menu.


5.  Launch the Cygwin Terminal and execute the following command:
     export DISPLAY=:0
with only a space after the word export.

6.  execute the command:  virt-manager &

After a few seconds, you should see Virt Manager appear on your screen.  Congratulations!



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