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Make it Easier to Launch Virt-Manager

So... Unless you like a lot of typing... We can make Virt-Manager appear as an entry in the XWin'...

Setting up passwordless SSH logins to your KVM Server

  Configuring SSH Login to your KVM Server 1. Open the Cygwin Terminal. 2. Generate your SS...

Installation of Cygwin and Virt-Manager

1. Go to https://x.cygwin.com/  and check the Downloads section for your platform...  (if you'...

Installing XRDP on Fedora 27 Workstation

INSTALL FEDORA 27 Workstation Start with the 1.5 GB Workstation image and install it with the de...

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Configuring Virt-Manager to run on Windows

Instructions for installing Cygwin/X and Virt-Manager on Windows 10.

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